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HOME ECONOMICS Dept. H – Needlework, Patchwork & Quilting, Sewing, Baked Goods, Food Preservation, Candies, Cakes, Beer & Wine.

Crocheted baby sweater By Mary Ann Nelson

First Open Class Entry

Knit older Baby sweater using yarn leftovers in covid time. By Mary Ann Nelson

Knit baby hat. By Mary Ann Nelson

Knit wool fingerless mitts. By Mary Ann Nelson

Crocheted baby hat. By Mary Ann Nelson

Twin size chevron quilt in pastels, by Sandy Hart

Full size quilt with stars in reds and greens, Sandy Hart

Ladies apron – reversible with large pocket and hand made “shark teeth” hem. by Susan Gentry

Ladies apron – reversible with large double pocket plus a cell phone pocket (both sides) and eyelet lace trim and d-ring neck loop. by Susan Gentry

Stitched and embellished 24″ x 41″ wall hanging. Rod pocket in back for hanging dowel; two red tassels at ends. Embellishments include sewed on stars and snowflakes, Christmas lights and bells. Also glitter paint. Animals, wording and tree are outlined in machine stitch done by hand (not computer). by  Susan Gentry

Fall themed table runner (14″ x 42″) with button accents. Center material has shiny gold highlights. by Susan Gentry

Pink floral table runner – 14″ x 42″ – with button accents. by Susan Gentry

Ladies apron – reversible with large pockets plus a cell phone pocket (front side) and d-ring neck loop. Gingham side has floral bordered bib and pocket. by Susan Gentry

Lemon/dots table runner – 14″ x 42″ with vintage button accents. by Susan Gentry

Adult apron – reversible with shark teeth trim on bib, banded pocket on front and hand made dual design ruffle. Neck strap has d-ring closure. by Susan Gentry

Lemon themed decorator towels (2) for kitchen or bath. Flat weave cotton towels with hand made trims – shark teeth and band. by Susan Gentry

Egg gathering apron with ten pockets, four gusseted,made from kitchen towel. Long string ties to tie in front, and loop in back to hang up. by Susan Gentry

Burgundy flat weave decorator towels with wine country print trim and ecru double lace edges. by Susan Gentry

Pink flat weave decorator towels with print trim and eyelet edges. by Susan Gentry

Terry towels with patterned bands and lace trim. by Susan Gentry

Hand Appliquéd Quilt – Twin Size by Susan Early

Set of four floral, reversible placemats. by Susan Gentry

Pieced queen size quilt. Longarm quilting by Susan Early

Full size pieced quilt. Longarm Quilting by Susan Early

Twin size Snowman Quilt. Faces are hand appliqued. Longarm Quilting by Susan Early

Machine appliqued and machine quilted placemat by Susan Early

Hand Appliquéd, Machine Quilted Pot Holder by Susan Early

Christmas inspired table runner, quilted with machine. Cotton fabric. by Marva Hall

Pinwheels in pastel colors twin size quilt, by Sandy Hart

Applique winter wall hanging by Marva Hall

Pieced cotton lap quilt, machine quilted horse quilt. by Marva Hall

Queen size quilt. Summer lily, by Sandy Hart

Blue and white lap size quilt. Nifty nine patch, by Sandy Hart

Twin size quilt with flowers and green, by Sandy Hart

Twin size wildlife quilt. With elk, by Sandy Hart

Jungle animals twin size quilt, by Sandy Hart

Blueberry Jam by Sarah Blalock

Apple Butter by Sarah Blalock

Quart jar of Beet Pickles by Sarah Blalock

Dried sweet cherries, Mariane Brightbill

Canned apple juice, by Mariane Brightbill

Wild Blackberry Jam
Water Bath
Process Time 10 minutes
Wild Blackberries picked from Deep River, WA in Wahkiakum County by Lisa Frink

Dried pie cherries, Mariane Brightbill

Healthy high-protein, high-fiber original muffin recipe. Entry shown was made with fresh Cathlamet-grown blueberries. Three photos of muffins, one photo of 3 x 5 recipe card. by Dayle Olson

4 Chocolate Chip Cookies by Becky Erickson

I usually bake 4 loaves each time. This is just one of the many I have baked. I figure it would cost me $1 to make this loaf. by Carol McClain

I usually bake 9″ pies. This one is a Strawberry Rhubarb. Cost $5 by Carol McClain

Zucchini Bread with. Baked in a mini loaf pan. Recipe is over 30 years old. by Jean Beerbower

I bake the large cinnamon rolls twice a month . A pan of 4 would cost me $1.50. by Carol McClain

HOBBIES Dept. I – Art & Photography, Arts & Crafts, Antiques & Collections

A Tlingit-Style ladle. Butternut wood carved with painted highlights, sitting on display holder. The artist is NOT an American Indian and the work is NOT the product of an Indigenous tribe or individual. by Robert Stowe

Medium is oil paintings of pets 1st is “Cat Man Do” 2nd “Chauncey” 3rd “peanut” by Barbara Stormo

Three Medium is oil paintings by Barbara Stormo

1. Drawn and colored picture.
2. Colored picture.
3. Colored picture.

By Leah Moffitt

1. Collage
2. Woodworking frame.

by Leah Moffitt

Single Red Rose photo by Lisa Frink

Cooked Dungeness Crab photo
“Ocean to Table Harvest” by Lisa Frink

Bread and Butter Pickles photo by Lisa Frink

Acrylic on Canvas in framed of F/V Tolo in Westport, by Marva Hall

Three Medium is oil paintings by Barbara Stormo

Digital Pictures of North Head Lighthouse by Joe Blalock

Henri and his eggs by Lisa Frink

Colored Picture by Leah Moffitt

Lucid Dreams by  April Van Dyck

We’re Not In Kansas Anymore… by April Van Dyck

Summertime Kaleidoscope by April Van Dyck

What’s on TV ? by April Van Dyck

Optical Music by April Van Dyck

Two Balls, No Strikes, by April Van Dyck

Ducks In a Row, by April Van Dyck

Three old doubletree yikes from my dads farm in Grays River Wa. My dad always had horses and particularly enjoyed work horses. He used double trees to hitch up his team. It was so fun to get a ride in his hand built wagon being pulled by his work horse team who wore one of these. The big one is about from 1930, the two smaller ones probably from early 1940’s . I have seen them used as a plant hanger before! by Becky Erickson

These are antique carpenters brace and bits. They are from the early 1940s and were used often in the day for drilling precise holes into wood. These are from my dads farm in Grays River , Wash. I can remember as a child using one in my dad‘s wood shop to practice drilling holes in old pieces of wood. It was fun to watch the shavings coil out around from the bit. These are still made today and can actually be purchased new online. by Becky Erickson

7 historical measuring sticks. All of these are from our family in years past. The two old fold up ruler measures was used in the 1930’s by aN uncle who was a mechanic in SE Portland. The school rulers were used by myself and my husband at Naselle and Grays River grade schools. They are sure fun to have. by Becky Erickson

Gentleman’s shaving supplies. Approximately 55 years or older . The unopened package of new blades is dated 1971 and was made in the great USA.????????The red box is original along with the shaver and the small golden razor holder case, they were my dads. Notice how the silver shaver opens? That is because when you twist the shaft it opens to replace a blade! Many shaves have succumbed to this collection I’m sure!⭐️ by Becky Erickson

Old shoe polish and old buffer/shining brush. All were from our family and as you see, used. ???? It’s fun to save old things, I’m so glad my husband wanted these. Our favorite in this group is the Shinola tin in black and white. It seems like having these items were a must have in the old days, today not so much . ⭐️Becky Erickson

Spiraling connections… by  April Van Dyck

Artwork by April Van Dyck

Floral Dept. J and Gardening Dept. G

Day Lily by Pam Wynia

Sunflower by Pam Wynia

Zinnia by Pam Wynia

Dahlia by Pam Wynia

Lanatana by Pam Wynia

Begonia by Pam Wynia

Single Begonia by Pam Wynia

Asiatic Lily Tiny Sensation by Sarah Blalock

One purple Gladiolus. by Sarah Blalock

Shasta daisy Alaska by Sarah Blalock

Collection of small dahlias, Mariane Brightbill

Martha Washington begonia, by Mariane Brightbill

Hydrangea shrub, by Mariane Brightbill

Pineapple lily, by Mariane Brightbill

Dahl is, mixed oranges, Mariane Brightbill

Potted fuchsia, pink & purple, by Mariane Brightbill

Dahlia, orange single petal, by Mariane Brightbill

Dahlia, mauve, Mariane Brightbill

Miniature spray Mariotta, By Mariane Brightbill

Mini rose peach, Mariane Brightbill

Mini rose Little Jackie, Mariane Brightbill

Rose Marjike Koopman, by Mariane Brightbill

Rose Sundowner, by Mariane Brightbill

Fuchsia in wine barrel, by Mariane Brightbill

Beet, Detroit Dark Red, medium top,
Betabel. by Sarah Blalock

Zucchini (cucurbita pepo) Black Beauty, by Sarah Blalock

Sweet Basil (Ocimum Basilicum), by Sarah Blalock

Dark Green Italian Parsley (Petroselinium crispum) by Sarah Blalock

Oregano (Origanum) by Sarah Blalock

Cherry tomatoes, Mighty Sweet, by Mariane Brightbill

Cherry tomatoes, Sungold, Mariane Brightbill

Cherry tomatoes, Sweetheart of the Patio, by Mariane Brightbill

Tomatoes, Early Girl, by Mariane Brightbill

Tomatoes, Summer Girl, by Mariane Brightbill

Other fruit, Asian pear, by Mariane Brightbill

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